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Sylvanas Boost | Heroic / Mythic Mode

Sanctum of Domination raid in WoW Shadowlands gives an opportunity to defeat the Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner. She is a very dangerous enemy since she fed on the souls from the Maw. Sylvanas is the last boss of the raid. Defeating Banshee Queen gives you a chance to get high-level gear, unlock achievements, and other useful rewards. Sylvanas Windrunner Kill Heroic, put an end to her atrocity, and receive a worthy reward.

This service is provided with personal loot but in case you would like to get traders please contact our support agent.

  • Requirements
  • 60 lvl character on European Realm
  • Rewards
  • Slight chance to obtain Vengeance Dragonhawk mount for killing Sylvanas Windrunner on Mythic difficulty
  • PvE title in mythic difficulty;
  • A chance to get the 233+ ilvl gear in Normal difficulty, 246+ ilvl gear in Heroic difficulty, 259+ ilvl gear in mythic difficulty
  • A chance to obtain Legendary Bow for hunters: Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper
  • Useful ingame items like anima power (actual for Shadowlands)
  • ETA
  • 1-2 hours
  • Options
  • Sylvanas Windrunner kill in the selected difficulty;

Buying Sylvanas Windrunner Kill on Heroic Mode will provide you with Curve:Sylvanas Windrunner. There are many interesting characters with a rich story. Many people would agree that Sylvanas is one of them. She is the last boss of the SoD raid. This service generally offers you a single boss kill but you can also add Kel’Tuzad and Roh’kalo Boost, 8th and 9th bosses of Sanctum of Domination. It suits everyone who wants to upgrade their gear in the the most effective way.

Order Sylvanas Windrunner Carry and our team will defeat the Dark Lady. The service provides through account sharing or self-play. It means that you can give access to your account and wait until the service is done or play in the party with the boosting team. Our boosters don’t use any software. All the job is done by hand. Here you can buy the service to defeat Sylvanas Windrunner without problems and get worthy rewards. We guarantee the quality of the service and the safety of your account.


What is Piloted (Account Sharing) option?


In this kind of order you share your WoW account details with us and whole work is done by our professional player. You don’t need to waste time on playing in the raid. One of our professional wow players will do it instead of you. All our services with account sharing are done with VPN for your safety so it will be like you play from other place in your country with other computer.


What Loot will I get for Sylvanas kill?


  • 233 item level gear on Normal mode
  • 246 item level geat on Heroic Mode
  • 259 item level geat on Mythic Mode

Please notice that with personal loot mode we can’t guarantee your hero will obtain at least one item. By the way if you kill three bosses at least you will have opportunity to get 1 item from Best Mode raid in your Weekly Chest (Great Vault).


How can I get mount from Sylvanas?


When you defeat Sylvanas on Mythic Mode 2 mounts Vengeance’s Reins drop. So in case you order Sylvanas Windrunner kill Boost our pro players will trade you one of them. There is no mount drops on Heroic or Normal difficulty.


Is Sylvanas Boost safe?


Self play mode run is 100% safe. There is no risks to get penalty for buying Sanctum of Domination Boost in this case. But if your buy piloted SoD Raid Run you shouldn’t be worried. Our boosters use VPN so it’s like you play from other place and use other computer. You can also add «Extra safety» so we will use our special technics to protect you and hide from Blizzard Entertainment that you buy this raid carry.


What does ETA mean?


ETA — Estimated time of the service, so your order will be completed in ETA. For this kind of services it means that you will complete our service in ETA after invite to raid group. Killing Sylvanas in heroic or normal difficulty usually takes less time than in mythic mode.


Do you allow refunds?


For sure, we do guarantee a refund if something goes wrong.


Can I choose time of start for my service?


Yes, we will inform our boosting team in which time they shouldn’t log in (if service is piloted).


Do you use any bots or any scripts during the boost?


Totally no, every order done only by hands.


Do I need to be in Discord during the raid?


No, you don’t.


Do you accept gold (in-game currency) for payment?


Yeah, you can find the most actual prices in our Discord group.

Still having questions? Feel free to contact our support team using our Online Chat!

Sylvanas Boost | Heroic / Mythic Mode

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