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Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider Boost

The war between the Alliance and the Horde is coming to its conclusion. Take part in the historical battle, and defeat Garrosh Hellscream in Siege of Orgrimmar raid. During the activity, you can earn Glory of Orgrimmar Raider meta-achievement by completing 14 achievements in this raid. Purchase Glory of Orgrimmar Raider Boost, and put an end to the eternal confrontation between the Alliance and the Horde!

  • Requirements
  • 120 level character with any gear
  • ETA
  • Boost takes 3 resets because of Paragon achievement
  • Options
  • Account sharing or Self play

The raid instance Siege of Orgrimmar is the final battle of the Alliance-Horde war, during which players must defeat Warchief of the Horde — Garrosh Hellscream. Glory of Orgrimmar Raider is the meta-achievement earned by completing 14 achievements during the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, in which you will have to rescue raiders, beat bosses under special conditions, and more. This achievement will take a worthy place in your collection.

Purchase Glory of Orgrimmar Raider Carry, and experience raiding with a team of professional boosters. This service allows you to take a look at raiding from a different angle, and it suits players who collect raid achievements or just want to get the rewards from this raid so badly. In addition to the Glory of Orgrimmar Raider meta-achievement, you will receive an epic flying mount Reins of Galakras and a chance to get Siege of Orgrimmar Tier 16 set. Buy Glory of Orgrimmar Raider Carry today, and enjoy high-level quality boost service.

Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider Boost
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awesome fun, great timing. thanks!

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