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Mage Tower: Timewalking Boost | BUY MAGE TOWER BOOST

Blizzard continues to bring back much-loved pieces of content from various World of Warcraft expansions. This time, the famous Mage Tower returns to the game, with 7 challenges for the heroes of the Shadowlands expansion!

Instead of the old skins for artifact weapons, completing challenges will give you new, unique rewards.

Buy Mage Tower Challenge Boost from Kraken Boost Team, and become the proud owner of a new class transmog set, and when you complete all the challenges, a new mount – Mage-Bound Spelltome.

And for lovers of druids, the developers have prepared a special gift – a new Fel Guardian Form for Bears.

  • Requirements
  • - 50+ lvl character

  • - Good gear for challenge (with special stats)

  • - 10-20k Gold for Food / Flasks / Potions / Gear / Trinkets.

  • Rewards
  • One or more challenges to choose from (depending on options selected)
  • New Unique Tier 20/Tier 6 Armor Set Recolor for your class
  • Rare achievement for any challenge complete - A towering Success
  • Rare achievement for 7/7 challenges - A Tour of Towers and rare mount Mage-Bound Spelltome
  • Rare achievement for 36 challenges (each spec for each class) - Tower Overwhelming
  • Fel Werebear Form for Guardian Druid for Tank Challenge Boost
  • ETA
  • 1-2 Hours

Legion Mage Tower is the most popular location in the Legion’s Broken Isles. In order to get to her, you need to talk to the flight master in Dalaran (new) and go to the Deliverance point. There, you need to talk to War Councilor Victoria from Kirin Tor to start the Mage Tower Challenge.

Previously, in order to get into the Mage Tower, it was necessary to have certain resources, which were farmed in the Legion. In Shadowlands, this requirement was canceled, but a link to the events of «Timewalking: Legion» was added. At the moment, there are no restrictions, not on time, not on resources — you can freely visit the Mage Tower at any time. It will be available for you when you reach 50 level. But we recommend mastering it at level 60 character.

What does Mage Tower challenge mean? This is a small class scenario for the solo player, which requires exceptional skills, attention, agility and knowledge of the mechanics of the characters to be fought.

The plots of all challenges remained unchanged. The choice of Mage Tower challenge depends on your current specialization. Mage Tower consists of seven challenges:

«Closing the Eye»— You have to face Archmage Xylem, a powerful mage who will be waiting for a hero in Eye of Eternity. He has prepared for you a lot of magical traps and spells, from which you will have to suffer and wipe. And be careful — it’s not easy to find Archmage among copies.

Classes: Arms Warrior, Frost Death Knight, Havoc Demon Hunter, Survival Hunter, and Subtlety Rogue.

«An Impossible Foe» — Imp Mother Agatha, who seduced a member of the Kirin Tor in her succubus form, Levia Laurence, is now in the cave, preparing to unleash destructive power on the Kirin Tor. Do not forget that she is an Imp Mother — many imps will serve her until her death.

Classes: Elemental Shaman, Feral Druid, Fire Mage, Fury Warrior, Outlaw Rogue, and Unholy Death Knight.


«The God-Queen’s Fury» — The secret heir of the God-King of the vrykul Sigryn will meet the heroes in the Halls of Valor. Driven by thoughts of vengeance and under the influence of the Fel, with the support of Jarl Velbrand and Runeseer Faljar, she intends to destroy the Halls of Valor and show Odyn what true fear is.

Classes: Arcane Mage, Assassination Rogue, Demonology Warlock, Enhancement Shaman, and Retribution Paladin.

«Feltotem’s Fall» — Tugar Bloodtotem has caused many troubles to Highmountain. Testing fel magic on animals and beasts, he was rejected by his people. Climbing into the cave, the heroes will face not only Tugar, but also the monstrous creation of the mad creator.

Classes: Beast Mastery Hunter, Destruction Warlock, Discipline Priest, and Windwalker Monk.

«The Highlord’s Return» — An old friend, Highlord Kruul, is waiting for you in the Twisting Nether. Characters with a tank specialization will have to stand before his eyes. Kruul and his minions will unleash unimaginable power on the hero, but Prophet Velen and Kor’Vas Bloodthorn will be your assistants.

Classes: Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster Monk, Guardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior, and Vengeance Demon Hunter.

«End of the Risen Threat» — Heroes, Jarod Shadowsong and his allies need your help. All the strongest healers of Azeroth must come to their aid in the fight against the ghost of the night elf commander Lord Erdris Thorn, who fought the Burning Legion thousands of years ago.

Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk, Restoration Druid, and Restoration Shaman.

«Thwarting the Twins» — Raest Magespear and Karam Magespear are two twin brothers. With a foothold on the platform of corruption, Raest subdued his brother and turned his power against the heroes. Will the heroes be able to stop the madmen who seek to destroy the world?

Classes: Affliction Warlock, Balance Druid, Frost Mage, Marksmanship Hunter, and Shadow Priest.

Buy Mage Tower Boost from our team and get quality service for little money. Get rare rewards before other players, and enjoy a new character armor look as you circle Azeroth on an epic tome.

To prevent challenges from being too easy, a number of restrictions were introduced on both abilities and items. In the list of what will not work in the Mage Tower challenges:

— Bonuses and Upgrades from Tier Set;

— Runecarving (Legendary) Powers;

— The Heart of Azeroth;

— Gear bonuses from Azerith items;

— Soulbind Powers;

— Conduits;

— Covenant Bonuses and Class Abilities;

— Shards of Domination procs;

— Legion legendary items;

— Item procs from Mist of Pandaria and Warlord of Draenor.

For completing any of the Mage Tower challenges, the player receives an achievement A towering Success. For completing all 7 challenges, in addition to the achievement A Tour of Towers, you will receive the rarest flying mount as a reward Mage-Bound Spelltome. In the forgotten depths of the Dalaran library, this oversized tome was found flapping madly around the room. Open the pages of this arcane-infused book and hitch a ride to magical adventure.

Druids were not left without attention. In Legion times, along with the artifact appearance, druid tanks received a new look for the bear form for completing the Mage Tower Challenge. In Shadowlands, the developers have also added a reward for a tank quest for druids — Werebear Form for Guardian spec. There are no additional requirements to open it.

The developers did not disregard hardcore players, and came up with an achievement Tower Overwhelming. This achievement belongs to the Feats of Strength category. There is no reward for him, but having him in the lists of achievements received is worthy of a lot. If you want to do this achievement — select this additional option before ordering.

Do you want to be on top and surprise all fans of the Mage Tower, or just collect achievements — professional gamers from Kraken Boost will help you with it. By buying Mage Tower Challenge from us, you get a guarantee of a successfully completed challenge for any specialization you need.

What is the easiest way to get the Mage-Bound Spelltome mount?


Probably the easiest way is to have the following characters: Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Paladin. It will be perfect because they have all the required specializations to complete all 7 challenges and get all the rewards. Each time you start a challenge, you will participate in a new one available for your spec, until everything is completed. We know that the Mage Tower is harder for some classes and specializations. That is why we recommend preparing several classes (5-6).

If you don’t have enough characters — you can always use our service of leveling — feel free to follow the link Buy WoW Leveling Shadowlands.

How to Complete Mage Tower Challenges?


The Challenges are made as follows: 1 challenge for heal classes, 1 for tanks, and several 5 different types for DPS classes. To pass, you need to study tactics, mechanics of opponents, stock up on flasks and potions, collect special gear, and spend a lot of time trying. For players who have been tested during the Legion expansion, this will not be a big deal. The only difference is class changes (mechanics, abilities, buttons).

For all other, more casual players, we are ready to provide our services — Mage Tower Carry. Our professional team is ready to help with all our services (MT Challenges, Leveling, Gearing and other more) in the shortest possible time. If you have questions — you can contact our online support team in online chat.

Self Play option is possible?


Unfortunately no. This service is provided only with Account Sharing. You may have heard that after the first two weeks after the release of Mage Tower in Shadowlands, there was a wave of bans from Blizzard and the rewards were cancelled. This was because unscrupulous companies stopped using VPNs with account sharing due to the large number of orders. We value our customers and use VPN to imitate your location in your country.

In addition, if you are still worried, we can provide you with a special option «VIP safe from ban» — select it in the additional options or tell us about it in the online chat.

Does the scaling system work in Mage Tower?


The scaling system works in exactly the same way as in Timewalking. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to customize the things of your character. Try to focus more on stats, and don’t forget that trinkets from old addons will come in handy here more than ever. For example trinkets: Tyrant’s Decree — for tanks, Boon of the Archon — for healers, Decanter of Anima-Charged Winds — for melee DPS, Unblinking Gaze of Sethe — for Casters.

I want to buy Mage Tower Boost for 2 characters (Holy priest and Fury Warrior) on US servers. Do you make such orders?


We are a global company, so we are happy to help you with Mage Tower Completion. Before starting Mage Tower Boost, you need to know that we do this service only with account sharing.

I don’t have enough characters to do 7/7 Mage Tower Challenge Boost, what would you recommend getting as much benefit as possible?


We advise you to pay attention to our service for opening allied races — Allied Races Unlock Boost. Use the Heritage Armor Set option, and along with the leveling character, you will receive a set of unique armor. Our professional players will upgrade your chosen Allied Race character to level 50, and you will be able to purchase the Mage Tower Boost.

Is it possible to pay for your services with gold in the game?


Oh sure. In the order settings, you can select gold as a payment method, and transfer the specified amount to our manager right in the game.

Do you have money-back guarantee?


Of course. We are always honest with our clients and always fulfill our obligations. But sometimes, of course, force majeure happens (power outages, problems with the Internet connection, incidents in personal life). We are all human, and we are all vulnerable to failure. In any case, in the event of force majeure, we can reschedule the order to another time convenient for you. If there are more serious problems — we guarantee a full refund.

Mage Tower: Timewalking Boost | BUY MAGE TOWER BOOST
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How much challenges?
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