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Antoran Charhound Boost

Looking for a way to get back into the World of Warcraft Legion experience? Then you should consider getting rare mount with 1% drop chance – Antoran Charhound mount!

One of the Legion’s rarest mounts, with a unique animation and coloring, drops from The Felhounds of Sargeras – F’harg and Shatug.

Use our service “Antoran Charhound Boost” and step into the legendary Legion expansion and become the proud owner of the rare Antoran Charhound flying mount with Kraken Boost!

  • Requirements
  • Account sharing
  • Active WoW subscription
  • Character level 60
  • ETA
  • 1-6 months

We would love to free you from hundreds of runs in Antorus for all your characters. Our experienced players will kill the boss until the mount you ordered drops in shortest possible time. The best way to get the service is to have several different characters available to kill the boss in Antorus the Burning Throne raid with each of them.

Since the Antoran Charhound Boost service is provided with account sharing mode, we offer you to use the free option – watching the live stream on Twitch. But even if you’re not watching the stream, we provide screenshots of kills and mount drops. Our company has a very flexible schedule so that you can play at any time convenient for you. And most importantly: all our piloted services are safe.

Buy Antoran Charhound from Kraken Boost and enjoy playing World of Warcraft!

Antoran Charhound Boost

Latest Reviews

Customer Avatar
Robin 11 hours ago
Efficient, smooth service with...

efficient, smooth service with minor hurdles. perfect overall, wouldn't alter a thing. loved it! hoping for consistency.

Customer Avatar
Alexander 1 day ago
Quick, efficient, excellent...

Quick, efficient, excellent customer service. Will use again.

Customer Avatar
Donald 2 days ago
Super fast and professional,...

Super fast and professional, highly recommended! Transparent and responsive support. 👍

Customer Avatar
Tom Sargeras 2 days ago
Brief fight summaries would...

Brief fight summaries would be helpful. Otherwise, great carry experience.

Customer Avatar
Marcelo Costa 2 days ago
A plethora of time slots…

a plethora of time slots and options, all of which are fantastic. the team is excellent, communication is superb, and execution is flawless.

Customer Avatar
William Thompson 3 days ago
Thanks again for the quick…

thanks again for the quick mythic run!

Customer Avatar
Tyler 5 days ago
Seamless raid experience. Zero...

Seamless raid experience. Zero effort, no hiccups. Fully satisfied.

Customer Avatar
Frank LaMotte 5 days ago
KrakenBoost’s Aberrus raid...

KrakenBoost's Aberrus raid service impressed me with their expertise and rewarding results. Efficient and enjoyable! 🌟

Customer Avatar
Liam 5 days ago
Awesome Mythic run! Great...

Awesome Mythic run! Great drops, gear upgrade. Highly recommend!

Customer Avatar
Graham 5 days ago
Reliable assistance for achieving...

Reliable assistance for achieving Ahead of the Curve. Always there when needed.

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