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SotFO Normal Boost | Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Run

Hot new from patch 9.2. – new raid Sepulcher of the First Ones. A fearsome abode, within which the strongest acolytes of the Jailer Zovaal lurk. Experience incredible emotions and sensations from meeting with the enslaved king of the Alliance Anduin Wrynn, and the most powerful ruler, inspired by the thirst for world domination – The Jailer. Your every step, any slightest mistake can lead to the implementation of the plan of Zovaal and lead to the collapse of all life. Buy Normal Sepulcher of the First Ones from Kraken Boost (one of the many respective companies), and help bring down the Lord of the Maw and restore peace to all of Azeroth. New things, beautiful transmogrification gear, unusual mounts, unique battle pets, and much more you can get by placing an order with us.

SotFO Normal – it’s a good service for new players. The normal difficulty has its own advantages at the start of each patch, despite being the easiest setting.

  • Requirements
  • 60th level character
  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands subscription
  • Fresh Normal Cooldown of SotFO Raid
  • Rewards
  • Experience of killing all 11/11 bosses in Normal Difficulty
  • Chance to get 0-1 item from boss 252-259 (259 from last 3 bosses) item level, and chance to get 252 item level BoE items from trash mobs
  • Normal versions of pieces of sets and weapons
  • Achievement Sepulcher of the First Ones (in case you buy 11/11 bosses)
  • Different Memories for Legendary Items
  • Different Conduits for Forge of Bonds
  • Chance to get unique epic 32-slots bag - Portable Pocket Dimension
  • Normal item level loot from Great Vault
  • ETA
  • 2-4 hours
  • Options
  • Selfplay or Pilot (Account Share)
  • With or Without Traders (from the 1-st week of the raid opening)
  • Alliance or Horde
  • 3/11, 6/11, 7/11 or 8/11 bosses (on the 1-st week)
  • 11/11 bosses (on the 2-nd week)

There are 11 Sepulcher of the First Ones raid bosses to defeat: Vigilant Guardian, Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener, Artificer Xy’mox, Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle, Prototype Pantheon, Lihuvim, Principle Architect, Halondrus the Reclaimer, Anduin Wrynn,  Lords of Dread, Rygelon, and The Jailer, Zovaal.

In the first week of patch 9.2. 8 bosses will be available. All other bosses will become available from the second week. Buying Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Boost, you get irreplaceable experience in mastering and passing current raid content, as well as loot for your character.

Do not forget that by purchasing SotFO Normal carry, you get not only loot from the raid, but also weekly loot in the Great Vault in Oribos. The amount of loot received directly depends on the number of bosses defeated. We recommend taking advantage of killing 11/11 bosses to get a choice of 1 of 3 items from the Great Vault.

I heard that the raid Sepulcher of the First Ones opens on March 2 on EU, can I immediately purchase the sepulcher armor sets warranty for my characters?

Yes, regarding the opening of the final raid of the Shadowlands expansion — the information is correct. But there are several nuances. Firstly, only 8/11 bosses will be available in the first week, the last three bosses will become available only from the second week on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic levels. Secondly, most likely in the first week, we will be able to offer traders for gear only in the normal mode of SotFO Raid.

Can you tell anything about Loot Trading in Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Raid Boost service?

In our store, you can purchase Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Boost with additional loot. Personal loot traders will transfer all received loot to you. Before the start of the raid, you will need to inform our manager about the class and specialization of your character, for the best selection of traders and armor types. Buying SotFO Normal Run without traders, you going with personal loot mode.

1 trader — 2 items guaranteed;

2 traders — 3 items guaranteed;

3 traders — 4 items guaranteed;

4 traders — 5 items guaranteed;

5 traders — 6 items guaranteed;

6 traders — 7 items guaranteed;

7 traders — 8 items guaranteed;

8 traders — 9 items guaranteed;

9 traders — 10 items guaranteed;

10 traders — 11 items guaranteed.

In case you don’t receive a guaranteed amount of loot, we will organize another run for your character next week to reach the minimum number of gear. Your personal loot drops are also included in the guaranteed amount.

We are starting to trade loot in Sepulcher of the First Ones in Normal from 1-st week, Heroic — after 4 weeks.

Can I get New Progenitor Tier Set from Normal Sepulcher of the First Ones raid boost run?

Certainly. And again, as in previous addons, class armor sets have been added to the game (thank you, Blizzard Entertainment), which provide excellent bonuses for characters. And, as expected, the presence of these items in the character will significantly increase his priority as the main player in the raid.

Progenitor Tier Pieces dropped from all difficulty levels of Sepulcher of the First Ones sell run: Normal, Heroic, Mythic. You can always contact our manager and ask to prioritize the Progenitor Tier Set. But when buying a regular Normal / Heroic / Mythic boost run with personal loot, we cannot guarantee it.

I want to buy only the last boss in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid — The Jailer. Do I need to be present when killing the other 10 bosses?

Since the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid will be released in 2 stages, in the first week you can only pre-order these boosting services. The service itself will take place as follows: at the time appointed by the manager, you will need to enter the game and accept the invitation to the group. You will be summoned to the boss with a summon stone. All other bosses will be killed before you. You can only receive a reward from those bosses that you have purchased.

How does SotFO Normal Boost service with account share (pilot) mode with traders work? How can I know that I got all the items from traders?

This is a good question. As you know, in new WoW Shadowlands, as in previous addons, the «Master-loot» system was canceled, and now it has been replaced by the use of player-traders who are able to transfer all received loot to the buyer.

When you purchase a Sepulcher Normal Raid Boost with the «Pilot» option, you are transferring data (e mail, password) from your WoW Shadowlands Account to our professional player. All our professional boosters are trusted people who have passed a complex verification system in the organization. Each player, upon receiving items, takes a screenshot of the received items. But the easiest way is to just ask for an individual stream where you will follow the course of events and see all the loot that your character and other players receive. When watching the stream, all your questions and doubts will disappear.

Is it safe to purchase WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones boost service and other various services from you?

Currently, Blizzard Entertainment Inc is paying attention to the sell in game items. Buying a gaming service with the «Self Play» option is 100% safe because you will play on your own character. If you do decide to purchase services with the «Pilot» option, our pro players will use your location’s VPN to prevent the possibility of your account being blocked. All your game property will remain on your account.

Do I need to be good at playing to buy a full WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Version raid?

Of course not. You don’t need high in game skills, full gear. Our carry team will do all the work for you. Sepulcher of the First Ones normal raid boost service will give you a competitive advantage at the start of a new patch. We don’t have gear requirements for Normal Sepulcher Boosting services.

If I will buy Sepulcher of the First Ones service on Normal Difficulty with Personal Loot options, what rewards I will get?

For the normal difficulty of Sepulcher of the First Ones boost service, the list of rewards is not as big as for heroic or mythic Sepulcher. You will be able to get all the loot that your character will drop: these are 252-259 items, pets, buffs for guides, and other useful little things. Don’t forget the other awesome achievements that will count toward Glory of the Sepulcher Raider.

We always recommend purchasing the full Sepulcher Normal Run to get the most out of your experience and enjoyment.

Do I need to be connected via Skype or Discord while the raid is going on?</45>

No, our carry team can do everything without your voice.

Do you have the opportunity to choose the time for the raid? I want you to go on a raid for me when I sleep.

Absolutely. Before buying, you need to contact our manager to clarify the raid schedule and choose a time convenient for you. In addition, we will tell our team of your choice.

I have a lot of gold in the game, can I pay with gold for your services?

Yes, sure. We are ready to consider payment in gold, all current prices can always be clarified in Live-chat.

SotFO Normal Boost | Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Run
Type of Raid
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