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Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear Boost

Sepulcher of the First Ones is the third raid of the WoW Shadowlands expansion. Blizzard Entertainment Inc has taken the time to bring all their fantasies to life with this new raid. Together with our professional boosters you can dive into a unique raid and get full SotFO gear to each equipment slot, and other different services.

Want to gear up your character in the best gear available? You’ve come to the right place! SotFO Full Gear Boost is the best choice to equip your character with the actual gear of the new SotFO raid. No need to hope for luck and wait for the thing you need to fall into the right slot. Buy Sepulcher of the First Ones Gear Carry from Kraken Boost Team and play new content with the highest gear.

Do you think that’s all? All purchases of the Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear Boost receive the Progenitor Tier Set, which will give your character several new bonuses, depending on the specialization. The Progenitor Tier Set is a unique piece that combines progenitor magic, metal, and great looks.

  • Requirements
  • 60th level character
  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands subscription
  • Fresh Raid Cooldown of Sepulcher of the First Ones on a selected difficulty
  • Rewards
  • Guaranteed to receive the Progenitor Tier Set
  • Full Gear Normal Carry - 252 item level gear to each slot
  • Full Gear Heroic Carry - 265 item level gear to each slot
  • Full Gear Mythic Carry - 278 item level gear to each slot
  • Different achievements for defeating any bosses
  • BiS gear to each slot (Option) 
  • ETA
  • 3-8 weeks
  • Options
  • Selfplay or Piloted (Account Share)
  • Alliance or Horde

Raid release on March 01 (US) / 02 (EU). Players will have access to 8/11 Sepulcher of the First Ones raid bosses in Normal mode and Heroic mode on the first reset. From March 08 (US) / 09 (EU) (from the second week) the full opening of 11/11 bosses in normal, heroic, and mythic difficulty, and of course, the beginning of a Mythic race among the world’s best guilds.

Our raid team is starting the raid from the first week. Each of our players has several characters to play split-raids with. From the second week, SotFO Full Gear for Normal Mode will become available, from 3-4 weeks — full raid gear in Heroic Difficulty. Full gear Sepulcher of the First Ones in Mythic raid difficulty will start in 2-3 months.

Buy Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear Boost and get multiple kills on 11/11 bosses in the SotFO raid on the selected difficulty, along with the Jailer.

Amidst Ourselves

Four Ring Circus

Shimmering Secrets

We Are All Made of Stars

Wisdom Comes From the Desert

Damnation Aviation

Coming to Terms

Power ON

The Protoform Matrix

Where the Wild Corgis Are

Xy Never, Ever Marks the Spot

In addition, purchasing the SotFO Heroic Full Gear Carry will unlock the Ahead of the Curve: The Jailer achievement and the new Carcinized Zerethsteed mount.

If you want to get «Best in Slot» gear, you can select this option when placing an order, or contact our manager in an online chat. By purchasing the Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear boost with the “Best in Slot” option, you will receive the best items in each slot of your character on the selected difficulty, which will increase your character’s DPS / HPS, and increase your rank in the rankings.

What SotFO Full Gear carry includes?

You will get full gear in each slot from a new raid on chosen difficulty levels. In addition, you will get desired parts of the full Progenitor Gear Set. You will also receive various nice things in the form of pets, a mount (heroic difficulty), gold, and the opportunity to get epic BoE items.

How long does Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear Boost take?

We are guaranteed to outfit your character in Full Gear on your chosen difficulty in 7-8 weeks. Perhaps if the stars align and you are lucky, we can do it a little earlier. Naturally, if you enter the “Best in Slot” gear, the ETA of this service will increase.

Can I get a full SotFO raid gear in 2-3 weeks?

No. Our first raids will take place with personal loot mode, which will allow us to maximize the level of things of our team and open up the possibility of Loot trading. Normal Boost will be available from the first week.

Can I get Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear Boost without account sharing?

Sure you can. You just need to enter the game at the set time and receive an invitation to the Sepulcher raid group from the raid leader. When the raid starts, you will receive all the necessary instructions.

If you get bored with the weekly raid yourself — just write to our manager that you want to change the option to Pilot. Our professional player will play your character and easily complete SotFO Raid. All you need is a login, password, and a code for authorization on your account. Ask the manager to add a Live-Stream option so you can watch the progress of the raid.

Is it safe to buy services from you?

We have been selling game services in World of Warcraft for a very long time. Today we are one of the leaders in the gaming services market (one of the many respective companies) and value the reputation of our company very much. We have gained enough experience that we can confidently state that it is safe to buy services from Kraken Boost. We do not use any third-party software, cheats, hacks, etc. When playing on your account, a VPN with the location of your country will always be used to protect you from blocking. Do not hesitate — buy from professionals.

If there are problems in the process, is a refund possible?

Of course, it’s possible. Since all our services are based on working with people, no one is immune from mistakes. The human factor plays a major role in our business. We are always loyal to our customers and ready to solve any issue. If for some reason we do not perform our services, we can always find an alternative and complete our work with high quality.

What if I only want to buy the Progenitor Gear Set?

No problem. We know that getting Sepulcher raid tier sets is a huge problem for many players. Getting a set of items in raids with regular personal loot can take several months. Especially for you, we have gear services with loot trading that will help you quickly get the Progenitor Gear Set on the desired difficulty. We have no gear requirements for these boosting services. Just follow the link and choose the option that is convenient for you: Progenitor Tier Set Boost

Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear Boost -10%

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