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SoD Fated Heroic Boost | Sanctum of Domination Heroic Run

In the Sanctum of Domination raid, heroes of Azeroth will face new threats. Sylvanas Windrunner, aka the Banshee Queen, and other Jailer’s servants are planning something insidious. It is all up to players to stop them during the Sanctum of Domination raid. Also, completing the raid on Heroic difficulty is an effective way to upgrade your gear and take part in this epic battle. Buy SoD Heroic WoW Boost today, explore new location, feel new experience and blossom out in Chains of Domination patch. A lot of gamers buy this kind of services because they just want smooth runs without wipes and PUGs. Are you ready for new raid? If no, simply check our offer 🙂

  • Requirements
  • character of the highest possible level with any gear
  • Rewards
  • A chance to get high level gear 239+ ilvl (246) from the bosses
  • Associated raid achievements for killing bosses
  • Small chance to get Sanctum Gloomcharger's Reins Mount from the 3rd raid boss named "The Nine"
  • ETA
  • 1-2 hours
  • Options
  • Account Sharing or Self-play
  • Amount of unsaved raiders

Sanctum of Domination raid boosting services are very popular for customers in wow as well as mythic plus dungeon carries. It’s the most simple way to get useful loot for your character. Comparing to Sanctum Domination normal raids you will obtain better gear starting from 239+ ilvl. KrakenBoost has their own wow guild with the top world raiding experience that does SOD HC Boosts. We offer really good price in the market and nowadays do more than 15 SOD Heroic raid carries a week. Sanctum of Domination Heroic Boost Service is the best opportunity with only one task: completion of the actual raid with top-level players on the hardest difficulty. Almost every possible achievement will unlock of their own during the Sanctum of Domination Heroic Carry.

Defeat final boss Sylvanas Windrunner in Heroic mode to get:



Sanctum of Domination raid services also let you get loot from your weekly chest. More bosses you kill – more items for choosing you will have. Kill 3 bosses to get 1 item in the list, 6 for 2 items and 9 for 3 items. This new thing in Shadowlands is really great in case you are not lucky with loot drops. By the way if you kill 6 bosses in heroic mode and 3 bosses in normal mode your list of items will include 2 items from heroic raid and 1 item from normal raid.


How Does Loot Trading Work In Sanctum of Domination Carry Services?


If you add traders to your full run you will get our guarantee from “unlucky drops”:


  • 1 trader – 2 item guaranteed;
  • 2 traders – 3 items guaranteed;
  • 3 traders – 4 items guaranteed;
  • 4 traders – 5 items guaranteed;
  • 5 traders – 6 items guaranteed;


Shadowlands expansion brought us 3 raids. The second one from them, Sanctum of Domination (that is located in Maw, also known as SoD raid), came out in 9.1 patch. Did you know that on first week it became a severe challenge for most of guilds because it was hard to defeat Sylvanas? 🙂

There is no any item upgrading system such as previous Corrupted, Warforged or Titanforged gear in the past. So, SoD HC Carry Service is great opportunity to obtain high ilvl items (239 and 246 from Kel’Thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner) that you will get after successful fights. In rare situation those items cannot be traded due to in-game gear-trading system.

Note: Loot guarantee shows just the minimum amount of items that you will get after run. But notice that our traders will trade you everything that is possible too. If you get less items than the guaranteed amount, we will make an additional run to meet the guarantee conditions.

WoW Sanctum of Domination Bosses Order


Meet new bosses with us!

  1. The Tarragrue
  2. The Eye of the Jailer
  3. The Nine
  4. Remnant of Ner’zhul
  5. Soulrender Dormazain
  6. Painsmith Raznal
  7. Guardian of the First ones
  8. Fatescribe Roh-Kalo
  9. Kel’Thuzad
  10. Sylvanas Windrunner


If you purchase our runs you don’t need to know tactics or doing some mechanics during the fight. You can just enjoy the game or get fun while we are providing our high-quality service. Actually it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to participate in fight but if you fail nothing terrible will happen 🙂 You can also split the run and, for example, go to first 3 bosses with one character and other 7 with second hero.

Note: Please, check this before purchase.


What does ETA mean?


ETA – Estimated time of the service, so your order will be completed in ETA. For this kind of services it means that you will complete the Sanctum of Domination raid in ETA after invite to raid group.


What is speed run?


For this kind of order we get our best team and best boosters to do the run as fast as we can. Usually it takes 1:00 – 1:20 hours after invite into raid.


What is orange logs run?


For this kind of order we do our best for you to get orange logs on In some cases self play is available. Simply chat us to get more information.


Do you allow refunds?


For sure, we do guarantee a refund if something goes wrong.


Do you accept gold (in-game currency) for payment?


Yeah, you can get the most actual prices in our Discord.


Can I choose the time of start for my service?


Yes, we will inform our boosting team in which time they shouldn’t log in (if service is piloted). Just contact our support team to arrange the schedule.


Do you use any bots or any scripts during the fights?


Totally no, every order done only by hands.


When will I get loot from traders?


If your order services with loot traders it depends on raid group – usually after defeating boss but sometimes – in the end of raid.


Can I choose loot spec for traders?


Sure, just discuss it with us via Live chat 🙂


Do I need to be in Discord during the raid?


No, you don’t.


Isn’t loot from dungeons better than in Sanctum of Domination?


You can check Bloodmallet to know if something is better for you from dungeons or raid.


Is it safe?


Self play run is 100% safe. There is no risks to get penalty for buying Sanctum of Domination Boost in this case. But if your buy piloted SoD Raid Run you shouldn’t be worried. Our boosters use vpn so it’s like you play from other place and use other computer. You can also add “Extra safety” so we will use our special technics to protect you and hide from Blizzard Entertainment that you buy this raid carry.


What will I get during the Sanctum HC Boosts?


  • Full clear (even with traders if you want to get more items)
  • Change for 239 (or 246 from 2 last bosses)
  • Domination set and weapons


KrakenBoost does SoD HC Boosts everyday with traders. You should check with our in-Live-chat support manager and pick time that will suit you. We work with couple of guilds that can provide loot runs with starting every hour. We aldo do our best for you to feel great experience of buying our services. You can also contact our manager to solve any problem regarding the raid.


What if I want to order Mythic SoD Service?


You can simply click SoD Mythic and order full run or amount of bosses that you would like to kill.


What if I want to purchase Sanctum Glory Achievement?



SoD Fated Heroic Boost  | Sanctum of Domination Heroic Run
Boost method
Amount of unsaved raiders:  2

Boost method
Amount of unsaved raiders:  2

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