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Patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft Shadowlands breathed life into one of the most interesting and key Shadowlands raid of the expansion – Sanctum of Domination. This raid, consisting of 10 bosses, is interesting because in the finale you will face the once great leader of the horde – Sylvanas Windrunner.

The Glory of the Dominant Raider is not just a great achievement. Buy Glory of the Dominant Raider Boost and add a memorable event related to Sylvanas Windrunner to your collection, and as a main reward you will receive a rare and epic mount – Hand of Hrestimorak.

Embark on a journey with Kraken Boost into the world of Shadowlands Raids and receive rewards (Glory of the Dominant Raider meta achievement, 10 sub-achievement, mount, gear and other more) along with unforgettable emotions.

  • Requirements
  • - 60 level character

  • - World of Warcraft Shadowlands subscription

  • - No gear requirements.

  • ETA
  • 1 day
  • Options
  • Self play of Pilot
  • With or without Traders
  • EU US Region

Dominant Raider Glory achievement — is one of the hardest achievements in the Glory series. It is made by a specially trained group of exceptional players, and is almost impossible for a solo player to get. Completing the Glory of the Dominant Raider achievement will give the player a total of 125 achievement points.

Think about it: is it worth spending a huge amount of time searching for a group, studying strategies and tactics, a lot of wipes, and in the end — nerves. There is a simple solution — buy WoW Glory of the Dominant Raider Boost from Kraken Boost. Our professional players will be happy to free you from the routine and save your emotional health and time. All achievements of the Sanctum of Domination raid will be done in a specific order in Normal Mode to make the run as fast as possible.

The main reward for completing all the requirements for the WoW Glory of the Dominant Raider achievement is the unique mount Hand of Hrestimorak. This mount has a special animation and a unique look that you have never seen before.

I want to buy Glory of Dominant Raider Boost with Self play option. How will the service take place?


It’s a good choice. We recommend that, when using the Self Play mode, at least basic knowledge of the mechanics of the bosses. At the time agreed with online support, you will be invited to a group in the game. The raid leader before each boss will give recommendations on your actions in order to complete the goals to achieve. Don’t worry, our players are experienced enough to complete this achievement with minimal input from you.

But don’t forget that the fastest way to complete this boost is to buy with Piloted option.

Do you use bots or third party programs when do Glory of the Dominant Raider Carry?


Of course not. We value our reputation and the reputation of our clients very much. All orders are executed only by professional players from the Kraken Boost team.

Our team is one of the many respective companies in the gaming services market. We do not sell in-game items, but only offer you various services to improve your in game skill and help you get the items you desire. All above-mentioned brand names are registered trademarks (like Blizzard Entertainment Inc, WoW, etc) and/or the property of the respective companies and only serve to describe the services. Data and contents are copyright-protected.

Is it possible to purchase the achievement on the US server?


Yes, it’s possible. You can choose EU regions or US regions when placing an order, or contact our support team via online chat.

Is it possible to purchase another rare mount from you — Restoration Deathwalker?


Oh, sure. This mount is an achievement reward for Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Four . You can buy it just by clicking on the link — Keystone Master: Season 4 Boost

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