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Ny`Alotha Mythic Single Bosses Boost

The new raid of Patch 8.3 Ny`Alotha the Waking City includes as many as 12 new bosses and not each of them is equally useful for different classes. For example, if you play holy paladin, you will definitely want to get loot from Ra-den (due to BiS trinket), but the next boss Shad’har the Insatiable doesn`t drop anything good for you. That`s why sometimes our Ny`Alotha Mythic Single Bosses Boost offer would be more profitable for players.

  • Requirements
  • Character of 120 level
  • ETA
  • Options
  • Choosing of bosses
  • Choosing Boost method: self play or acc sharing

Buy Ny`Alotha, The Waking City Mythic Boost run and get the best gear at this expansion, invaluable raid-experience, and other things, that useful for most World of Warcraft players. Our teams provide you fast and high-quality boosting service of the needed amount of bosses, such as:

Wing 1:

Mythic Wrathion — The first boss of a new raid, however, became not the easiest challenge for raiders. You must control your movement to avoid fatal debuff — Creeping Madness. Nevertheless, it`s a good chance to get a lot of loots: several weapons, trinkets and other pieces of gear.

Mythic Prophet Skitra — this second encounter has an interesting feature ( looks like High Tinker Mekkatorque from Battle for Dazar`Alor).
The raid is divided into two parts, each of which sees several copies of the boss (and only one is the real one). Communication is very important during this fight. You can familiarize yourself with it in more detail by choosing our Ny`Alotha, The Walking City Mythic Boost! By the way, it`s a good chance to get a BIS trinket for most range-dps classes — Psyche Shredder and other strong items.

Mythic Maut — last boos of the first wing of the raid and includes 2 phases. First, you need to avoid his cleaves attacks and removed debuffs in puddle. During the second phase, it is very important to do as much damage as possible (so, If you do not have time, then you will die). From this boss you can get one of the best pvp trinket — Forbidden Obsidian Claw, staff and e.t.c.

Wing 2:

Mythic Dark Inquisitor Xanesh — The main has only one extraordinary feature, but, as practice shows, so difficult for most players: an analog of a well-known sports game — football. You need to bounce an orb into a goal with two other partners. This fight includes only one phase, but the «football game» is repeated several times with different players and only 1 mistake is fatal.

Mythic The Hivemind — This boss is so difficult as you have to fight with a large number of enemies and constantly dodge rolling insects. Also, you need to divide your damage as both bosses have their own hp bar.
In addition to a large number of items, 2 unusual pets drop from this boss — Aqir Hivespawn and Ra’kim

Mythic Vexiona. This encounter is similar to the one in the heroic version but requires increased attention due to two new mechanics:

  • Void Corruption stacks are permanent, so you need to be attentive during avoiding Shadowy Residue
  • One of the adds will cast deadly aoe ability around himself

As for the loot, if you play balance druid, this boss is important for you as drops BiS Azerite Chest.

Mythic Ra-den — Certainly one of the hardest bosses of Ny`Alotha. During this battle, you will encounter an incredible amount of various mechanics and a huge amount of damage. By the way, this boss fight has some similar features with the same boss from Throne of Thunder raid (Mists of Pandaria). The rewards for this «challenge», however, are just as incredible: a lot of BiS pieces of gear, for example, Vita-Charged Titanshard (the best choice for most classes), Unguent Caress with own corruption and e.t.c.

Wing 3:

Mythic Shad’har the Insatiable. The first boss of this «nasty» wing is typical DPS-Check-Boss, looks like Krosus from The Nighthold raid (Legion). It requires attention to dodging the Umbral Eruption on the first phase( almost fatal damage), soak Entropic Buildup orbs, and «feed» the boss Tasty Morsel.

Mythic Drest’agath. During the second encounter, you will fight generally with different tentacles and damage the boss only when you have Void Infused Ichor debuff. As for the rewards, you can get polearm, one-hand axe with corruption for casters, trinket, and e.t.c.

Mythic Il’gynoth. The boss whom we already met in the Emerald Nightmare(Legion) returned and definitely became stronger, because this encounter, as with Ra-Den, became one of the most problematic for raiders. To defeat this boss you will need experienced healers since their role is great. They have to dispel Cursed Blood at certain points. As for the loot, only from this boss you can get a shield. That`s why it`s a good idea to buy this one with our Ny`Alotha The Waking City Single Bosses Boost service.

Wing 4:

Mythic Carapace. Having overcome all previous wings, the penultimate boss is waiting for the heroes of Azeroth. The main differences from heroic mode are much more tentacles, the second phase is shorter and on 3 phase you must use Shaman`s Wind Rush Totems, Warlock`s Demonic Gateway and potions that increased your speed to dodge Eternal Darkness.
After the victory, you will expect a lot of loot, the ilvl of which is higher than the one that drops from previous bosses — 485; Weapons with corruption, azerite pieces, etc.

Mythic N`Zoth. Finally, we got to the Famous Old God. This fight is rather tense and the best guilds took a lot of tries to finally deal with it. The fight is quite unusual because it includes an secret phase — during the World First race (something like that we already saw on Gul`Dan from The Nighthold)

Furthermore, you can choose extra options, for example, loot traders or single items.
Besides we carry out sales for our loyal customers, so you could buy a Ny’alotha The Waking City Mythic Carry Boost with a good discount!

Ny`Alotha Mythic Single Bosses Boost

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