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Vicious Skeletal Warhorse Boost

Like the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse Mount boost, but don’t know how to get it?

Reins of the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse mount– this mount is not obtainable in a dungeon or raid – you will have to join forces with other players to complete it. It is worth stocking up on patience and good PvP skills in order to get the coveted Vicious Skeletal Warhorse mount into your collection.

But things can be easier than you think if you play with experienced players from the Kraken Boost Team. Take advantage of our Vicious Skeletal Warhorse Mount Boost service and set off to conquer the world astride a legend in the shortest possible time with Self Play boost method on EU Servers and US servers.

  • Requirements
  • Character of 60 level
  • 280 or higher character gear
  • Active World of Warcraft Shadowlands subscription
  • Rewards
  • Vicious Skeletal Warhorse mount
  • 0-100 wins in 3v3 pvp matches on 1000+ rating
  • A certain amount of conquest points and honor.
  • PvP Gear from The Great Vault
  • ETA
  • 3-7 days
  • Options
  • Boost method: Self play
  • EU Servers or US Servers

To purchase this vicious mount boost, you will need to get the Vicious Saddle token. This item is obtained by winning the arena in ranked PvP. Vicious Saddle is earned by winning 100 3v3 arenas or 40 RBGs at 1000+ rating.
Attention: you won’t be able to get it right away – you first need to fill out the progress bar for the seasonal mount (which requires farming the same number of wins). Only after obtaining a seasonal PvP mount, the progress bar will be updated, and the next reward will be the Vicious Saddle. We will continue to win in PVP matches, which will allow you to fill the progress bar, and you will get the Vicious Saddle. By the way, you can use Vicious Saddle to get other vicious mount.

If you haven’t received a seasonal mount boost from current season, but want to buy Reins of the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse (or other vicious mount) – use our additional option when placing an order. Our booster chooses the best way to complete your order as soon as possible.

Buy Vicious Skeletal Warhorse Boost service and get unforgettable emotions with Kraken Boost. You will get all rewards with self play option. Once your order for vicious mount boost is delivered, don’t forget to leave a review about your experience with our team. If you need help or have any questions – contact our support team, and you will easily get all information about purchased service. And of course, our clients will be able to know all the details about the completion of your order. To get information about the progress, we use a live stream on YouTube or Twitch.

If you want to get another vicious mount boost, we advise you to pay attention to this Vicious Warsaber Carry

Vicious Skeletal Warhorse Boost
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Lyah 24 hours ago
Polite and efficient service....

polite and efficient service. thank you.

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Remarkable service with fast...

remarkable service with fast turnaround times. among the best!

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Excellent support, quick...

Excellent support, quick purchase. Always my go-to.

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Fast, efficient, and always...

Fast, efficient, and always a happy return customer!

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I used KrakenBoost for the…

I used KrakenBoost for the raid boost, and it was an epic experience! Skilled players, amazing loot, and efficient service. Highly recommend for leveling up your gaming!

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Nory 4 days ago
Brief fight summaries would...

brief fight summaries would be helpful. otherwise, great carry experience.

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Maximilian Müller 4 days ago
Successful, easy, and fast...

successful, easy, and fast run!

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Silverhandex 5 days ago
Always 5 stars. Fun, fast…

Always 5 stars. Fun, fast runs guaranteed!

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Marco 5 days ago
Committed and confident, buy...

committed and confident, buy with ease.

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Amazing experience, professional...

Amazing experience, professional service. Long-term customer. ❤️

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