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Torghast, Tower of the Damned Boost | Buy Torghast Carry

Torghast is the legendary abode of the Jailer. Torghast, Tower of the Damned, which strikes terror into all living creatures, is the heart of Maw. It is like an infinite, ever-changing dungeon, the entrance to which is not so easy to find. Every time when you run Torghast, the entire layout, enemies, composition, and traps are changed. Inside, the tower is filled with grim minions of the Jailer who will do anything to stop the heroes.

Buying WoW Torghast Boost Service from the Kraken Boost Team, you get a quality and fast service. All of our players have vast experience in Torghast tower carry and are ready to make as many runs as you need. As practice shows, for each passage of 1 Torghast wing (8 Torghast layers) of level 12-16, good players take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Don’t waste your time, save it for your family, progress in PVP and PVE. Trust us and we won’t let you down.

  • Requirements
  • Character of the highest possible level with any gear
  • Rewards
  • please check description
  • ETA
  • 1-3 hours
  • Options
  • Selfplay or Piloted

Torghast, Tower of the Damned, has multiple wings that were unlocked alternately prior to the release of patch 9.2.5. There are 6 main wings in Torghast, Tower of the Damned, with 16 layers each. What’s also worth noting is that by completing each new layer of the dungeon, you unlock it forever and will be able to skip all previous layers on the following runs. Now in 9.2.5 Patch, Torghast have more layers than ever before, and all Torghast wings are open and available for passing:


  • Skoldus Hall
  • Fracture Chambers
  • The Soulforges
  • Coldheart Interstitia
  • Mort’Regar
  • The Upper Reaches


And WoW Torghast Tower of the Damned specific wings:

  • Twisting Corridors – special mode for skilled peoples with 144 layers in total with cosmetic rewards.
  • Jailer’s Gauntlet – players will complete 4 Torghast layers with 8 floors each for beautiful cosmetic rewards.


Why Torghast is important? Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a new endgame repeatable Shadowlands instance with dynamic content. It’s the only source of Soul Ash and Soul Cinders, required for crafting and upgrading new Shadowlands legendaries, and it’s the primary reason to go through all the wings. The Runecarver is a mysterious figure locked away in the very depths of Torghast, Tower of the Damned. This is your assistant in creating legendary items, which will require a certain amount of resources to create and upgrade them:


  • Rank 1 Legendary item 190 ilvl costs 1,250 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 2 Legendary item 210 ilvl costs 2,000 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 3 Legendary item 225 ilvl costs 3,200 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 4 Legendary item 235 ilvl costs 5,150 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 5 Legendary item 249 ilvl upgrade costs 5,150 Soul Ash and 1,100 Soul Cinders.
  • Rank 6 Legendary item 262 ilvl upgrade costs 5,150 Soul Ash and 1,650 Soul Cinders.
  • Rank 7 Legendary item 291 ilvl upgrade costs 2,000 Cosmic Flux.


Each run in Torghast will reward you with some Tower Knowledge – a new currency. It is used to ease your Torghast runs with a new Torghast Talent Tree – Toy of many things. The more Score you earn – the more Tower knowledge you get. Torghast has got a Score System.

During the Torgast run, players will acquire various buffs and anima powers, making the process faster. Each several floor there would be a break room where those powers can be exchanged and additionally bough for Phantasma – the currency harvested during the boosting of the floors.

Now it is not necessary to farm Soul Ash, Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux on all your alternate characters. It is enough to have one active character, on which the Torghast tower must be opened, and access to Zereth Mortis. After the release of patch 9.2 and 9.2.5, you will be able to find Bonesmith Heirmir in Keeper’s Respite of Korthia, which sells Packaged Soul Cinders and Packaged Soul Ash. The Pouch of Prodigious Wonders can be purchased from Vilo in Zereth Mortis for 1500 Cosmic Flux and grants 1250 Flux when opened. You can transfer this box for your alts.


Rewards for Twisting Corridors:



Rewards for Torghast Tower of the Damned Boost (Layers Boost):



Rewards for Jailer’s Gauntlet:



Buying the WoW Shadowlands Torghast Tower boost service allows players to get awesome rewards from the most difficult layers and reach the weekly cap of soul ash and soul cinders for Shadowlands legendary gear crafting.


Where I can find entrance of Torghast?


As soon as the character hits the maximum level in Shadowlands he will be offered to choose his alignment to one of the covenants. During this campaign, one will be required to return to the Maw zone to meet with Ve’nari. This NPC will then help to unlock the Torgahst, Tower of the Damned, through a series of quests.


How can I increase my chances of loot in Torghast dungeon?


The only chance to increase the chance of loot (apart from various upgrades from Ve’nari) is to complete additional Adamant Vaults. The Adamant Vaults are primarily a source of cosmetic item rewards including t-mog, a battle pet, and a toy. To access the Adamant Vaults, you or someone in your party will first need to have unlocked the Adamant Vaults trait on their Box of Many Things, which requires investing 250 Tower Knowledge. This only gives you the ability to attempt accessing the vaults. To actually enter the Adamant Vaults, you must complete a Layer 9 or higher Torghast run with a score of 200 points or more. This is referred to in-game as a Flawless run, and is the requirement for opening the way into the AV, as well as for various achievements.

Contact our support team before you buy Torghast Tower boost, and ask about upgrades for Torghast tower boosting rewards.


Why should I buy repeatedly completing Torghast Wings?


The most important reward in the purchased Torghast dungeon run is the Soul Ash, Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux as it is required to craft the most powerful legendary gear of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Other rewards may include cosmetics, transmogrification sets, possible battle gear items, achievements, and two mounts from the challenge mode of the Tower and Layer 16 Flawless run.

You might also be lucky and meet some followers from the tower that will join you and will become available at the Mission Table.


What is difficult in passing WoW Shadowlands Torghast?


The main difficulty is not in passing, but in the amount of time that a person spends on mastering Torghast and farming resources for legendary items. Just because there are no time limitations, and you can theoretically stay in the Torghast dungeon for as long as you need, that doesn’t mean that you are able to run endlessly.


A friend recommended contacting you for WoW Torghast Boosts. What guarantees do you have?


Unlike other stores that use the services of various boosters (including unverified ones), we have our own team of professional players who work for us officially and have great experience in WoW Torghast Carry. We value our reputation and your time.

Kraken Boost team is one of the many respective companies in the gaming services market. We do not sell in-game items, but only offer you various services to improve your in game skill and help you get the items you desire. All above-mentioned brand names are registered trademarks (like Blizzard Entertainment Inc, WoW, etc) and/or the property of the respective companies and only serve to describe the services. Data and contents are copyright-protected.


How many floors in each Torghast Tower run?


Each wing has 16 layers in it, while every layer is subdivided into 5 floors. Each difficulty level has its own Blizzard Entertainment recommended item level.


What better for Shadowlands Torghast Boost: Self play or Account Sharing?


We recommend purchasing all our services with the “Self Play” option. In Torghast our professional booster will accompany you throughout the run. But sometimes, to complete hard orders and achievements, we recommend using Pilot mode. Don’t worry, we have a VPN to keep your account safe.


How much Soul Ash do i get per 1 Shadowlands Torghast Boost Run?


Depending on the layer of Torghast Tower that you’ll choose to complete, you will be rewarded with an amount of Soul Ash. Additionally, at higher layers, you will also start receiving Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned Boost | Buy Torghast Carry
Amount of runs:  1

Amount of runs:  1

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