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Shadowlands Pathfinder Boost

Shadowlands Pathfinder is an exploration achievement consisting of two parts. This meta-achievement implies completing the Covenant campaign, 100 different world quests, and visiting every zone in Shadowlands. Explorers will be richly rewarded with various achievements, a new mount, and others. This is a good way to relax and behold the beauty of the lands. Order Shadowlands Pathfinder Boost and explore the Shadowlands.

  • Requirements
  • 60 lvl character, chosen Covenant
  • ETA
  • 3-4 weeks
  • Options
  • Account Sharing Only

The lands of World of Warcraft are endless. A player can explore the game world for dozens of hours and always find something new. There are many zones in Azeroth, and each of them has a unique architectural style and natural landscapes. The game always rewarded players for exploring, and Shadowlands expansion isn’t an exception. Shadowlands Pathfinder is a meta-achievement for all zones in Shadowlands, completing world quests and zones questlines, and covenant storyline. It is an exciting achievement but may take a lot of time to complete.

Order Shadowlands Pathfinder boost, and our booster will unlock this achievement for you. This service provides only through account sharing because the other methods would be irrelevant. As the rewards, you will get all the associated achievements, unlocked flying, and increased mount speed in all Shadowlands zones, a new flying mount. Buy Shadowlands Pathfinder Carry and get rewarded for exploring Shadowlands.

Shadowlands Pathfinder Boost
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