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Raszageth the Storm Eater Boost | Raszageth Carry Service

Looking for a new challenge in World of Warcraft?

The final boss of the Vault of the Incarnates raid, Raszageth, has been causing trouble for players all over the world. But with our new Storm Eater Boost, you can finally take him down and get your hands on some amazing loot!

With our help, you can be one of the first to kill this fearsome dragon and earn all the rewards that come with it. Get ready for an epic battle – we’ll see you in Azeroth!

Book your spot today to join a raid group and prepare to take down Raszageth Storm Eater!

  • Requirements
  • 70 lvl character
  • ETA
  • 1-2 hours
  • Options
  • Account Sharing or Self-play
  • Difficulty of the raid: Normal, Heroic or Mythic
  • Last bosses kills options

Raszageth Boost: what’s wrong with this Dragon

As you progress through the storyline in each of the new territories of the Dragon Isles, you may have noticed that the narrative is about the local island factions opposing the elemental warriors and Ancient proto dragon Raszageth. The enemies of Alexstrasza feel that they have been stripped of what they are entitled to, and so they resort to the most vile methods to gain an advantage in the war and capture new territories.

During the battle between Alexstrasza and first Dragonflight villain — Raszageth the Storm Eater, it becomes apparent that dragon queen’s power is not enough to win, so the dragons organize a special raid to deliver a crushing blow once and for all. It will be first dragonflight raid content — VotI raid.

Raszageth boss fight will please anyone who likes to have fun with PvE encounters. Like any final boss, the battle requires well prepared heroes with fair amount of gear and tactical execution, so if you want to get a Raszageth Kill quickly and without any problems, take a look at our service — Raszageth the Storm Eater Boss Kill.

Raszageth Kill Boost is great opportunity to get something you have issues in game with. Last boss Kill Service will reward you with some useful items, achievements and sometimes it even lets you get new tier set pieces added in 10.0 Patch. Order Raszageth Boosting service, and we’ll kill the vicious dragon leader on a desired difficulty. As the rewards, you will get specific achievements and a chance to get a high-level item, depending on the chosen options. We offer best prices in the market and you pay for pro boosters in your group, not PUGs 🙂

 Raszageth Normal boost: fast run, easy kill

In Normal difficulty you have chance to get better items from last bosses so last boss carry service will be useful for a long time. Defeat Raszageth in normal mode today with our help and get your new powerful gear!

Raszageth Heroic Boost : complete the challenge during first weeks

Vault of the incarnates raid can be difficult enough for those who was not prepared properly or those who don’t have enough gear or good raid group. In this case fast Raszageth kill can solve all your problems and provide you with opportunity to be invited in most of groups and guilds. Raszageth carries are also super popular for players who want to get their «Ahead of the Curve» achievement as well as better gear for ilvl.

WoW Raszageth Service in Mythic difficulty: BiS Gear and top teams

Killing Raszageth Mythic can be very hard for most of players. Otherwise the rewards are super cool : «Cutting Edge» achievement, new title and of course best loot in the raid. For better safety please look at our «self play mode» option. Buy Raszageth the storm eater in hardest difficulty to get something that will be remained with your character in your memory forever!

Piloted (Account Sharing) option?

In this Last encounter Carry order you share your WoW account details with us and whole work is done by our professional player. You don’t need to waste time on playing in first raid of Dragonflight. One of our professional wow players will do it instead of you. All our services with account sharing are done with VPN for your safety so it will be like you play from other place in your country on other PC.

Group loot in Dragonflight Expansion

Please notice that in Dragonflight raids personal loot was removed. Instead of PL Blizzard activated group loot. You can roll items that you don’t have (it doesn’t mater what gear ilvl you have in the spot) but other unsaved players of armor type can do the same if they meet conditions. In addition, you can trade everything that you won so it became easier to get loot in some aspects.

Raszageth Boost: your safery is our priority

Selfplay mode run is 100% safe. There is no risks to get penalty for buying Raszageth the Storm Eater Boost in this case. If your buy piloted Last boss Run you shouldn’t be worried. You can also add «Extra safety» so we will use our special technics to protect you and hide from Blizzard Entertainment that you buy VotI Raid Carry.


ETA — Estimated time of the service, so your order will be completed in ETA. For this kind of services it means that you will complete our service in ETA after invite to raid. Raszageth Carry in normal or heroic difficulty usually takes less time than in mythic difficulty.

Refund Policy

For sure, we do guarantee a refund if something goes wrong.

Choose time of start for your service!

Yes, we’ll inform our boosting team in which time they shouldn’t log in (if service is piloted). Timeframes depend on chosen difficulty!

Do I need to be in Discord during the raid?

No, you don’t.

When will I get loot from traders?

If your order services with loot traders it depends on team — usually after defeating boss but sometimes — in the end of raid.

Do you accept gold (in-game currency) for payment?

Yeah, you can get the most actual prices in our Discord.

Still having questions? Feel free to contact our support team using our Online Chat!

Raszageth the Storm Eater Boost | Raszageth Carry Service
Boost method
Extra Safety
Additional bosses
Boost method
Extra Safety
Additional Bosses

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