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Heroic Island Expeditions Boost

The high-profile new Battle for Azeroth – Heroic Island Expeditions, which over time have turned into not only endless content for farming useful things, but also a good way to level up characters.

What useful things can be obtained from Heroic Island Expeditions? In addition to passive farming various rare transmog items, pets and resources, players have the opportunity to receive Seafarer’s Dubloons, which can later be used to buy various useful items.

Buy WoW Island Expeditions boost from us and get tons of Seafarer’s Dubloons and lots of other island expeditions rewards in no time.

  • Requirements
  • Active WoW subscription
  • Character level 60
  • Rewards
  • Around 300 Azerite for each expedition boost
  • Some Seafarer's Dubloons that can be later spent on mounts, toys and pets
  • Random drops of pets, toys, transmog and reputation items
  • Progress towards weekly Island expeditions cap
  • ETA
  • 10-15 minutes per expedition
  • Options
  • Account sharing of Selfplay

Island expedition goal – gather Azerite score faster than enemy team. Since the release of the latest BFA patch, azerite score values ​​for killing creatures and looting chests have been adjusted. After reaching the required mark, a bag with Seafarer’s Dubloons and various items can drop into your bag (Like battle pet Juvenile Brineshell, or BOE weapon Plundered Blade of Northern Kings).

Once you have enough Seafarer’s Dubloons, head to Captain Kitt in Dazar’Alor for Horde players, and to Captain Nightrunner in Boralus for Alliance players. Doubloons can be spent, for example on Dread Chain Salvage or island expedition mounts (like Siltwing Albatross).

Heroic Island Expeditions Boost
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Numbers of Expeditions
Boost Type
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