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Heart of Azeroth Essence Boost

The Battle for Azeroth expansion adds the legendary Heart of Azeroth item to the game. This item has slots for new ability items called Essences.

If the first ranks are obtained without much effort, then the extraction of the third rank requires exceptional game skills. Quest line, Mythic Plus, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, Island expeditions and others are just some of the locations that drop essences for minor slots and major slots. Pro players spend weeks getting different essences for characters.

That’s why we recommend using the Heart of Azeroth WoW Essence Boost Service from Kraken Boost. Talented and experienced players who have worked out their actions to automatism will get the Essences you need and increase the power of your character.

  • Requirements
  • Account sharing
  • Active WoW subscription
  • Character level 60
  • Rewards
  • 3 Rank of chosen Azeroth Essences
  • Gold and items received during the order process
  • ETA
  • 1-14 days

Essences are divided into 4 types by quality: Uncommon Quality Rank, Rare Quality Rank, Epic Quality Rank, Legendary Quality Rank. If you still decide to buy major and minor powers of azeroth essences for heart of azeroth, you should know that they are divided into 4 types: for DPS, for healers, for tanks, and for every spec.

DPS essence: Converging Lens of the Focusing Iris, Animated Elemental Heart, Roiling Blood of the Vanquished, Titan Purification Protocols, Unbound Azerite Slivershards.

Healer essence: Reactive Existence Battery, Azerite-Encrusted Timequartz, Bursting Seed of Life, Tablet of the Balancing Tides, Vitality Redistribution Lattice.

Tank essence: Hardened Azerite Formation, Fetish of the Dark Caverns, Depth Forged Aegis, Null Force Containment Unit, Sphere of Suppressed Force.

All roles essence: Petrified Ebony Scale, Volatile Worldvein, Time-Lost Battlefield Memento, Engine of Mecha-Perfection, Pearl of Lucid Dreams, Finger-Bone Trophy of Battle.

Each essence has a major and minor powers and can be placed in either major slot (to get both powers) or minor slot (to get only minor passive power). For the location in the major slot, the player receives a unique ability, which has great power.

Purchase Azetite Essence Boost from us and save yourself tons of free time for your family and real life activities.

Heart of Azeroth Essence Boost
Choose Essence (Rank 3)
Choose Essence (Rank 3)

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