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Emerald Hippogryph Boost

Elevate your World of Warcraft experience with our exclusive Emerald Hippogryph Boost offered by Krakenboost! Secure one of the most majestic mounts in the game, the Emerald Hippogryph, without having to rely on the Black Market Auction House. Our professional team of seasoned WoW players will help you acquire this retired RAF mount, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

At Krakenboost, we pride ourselves on our trustworthy service, providing an unparalleled customer experience for WoW enthusiasts. Our friendly support staff is not only honest with customers, but also quicker to respond than our competitors. With our reasonable prices and top-notch assistance, you’ll wonder how you ever played without us.

  • Requirements
  • WoW account with active subscription
  • ETA
  • can take few weeks; depends on luck only
  • Options
  • Boost method: selfplay or piloted

As a retired Recruit-a-Friend (here is the guide: guide link) reward, the Emerald Hippogryph is a rare and coveted mount that can only be tamed through the magic of friendship. Introduced in Patch 5.4.1, it has become a symbol of prestige for collectors and casual players alike. Once obtained, this account-wide mount adapts to your character’s Riding skill and location, making it a versatile addition to your collection.

The Emerald Hippogryph is just one of the many RAF rewards that were previously obtainable through the promotion, alongside other mounts like the Swift Zhevra, and companion pets like the Zipao Tiger. Our experienced team at Krakenboost is well-versed in all aspects of the game, ensuring that we can meet any expectations you may have when it comes to acquiring these exclusive items.

If you’re wondering how players used to get the Emerald Hippogryph manually, it was originally unlocked through the Recruit-a-Friend program. Players would invite friends to join the game, and if the recruit purchased game time, the recruiter would receive various rewards, including mounts and companion pets. However, this program has since been retired, making our Emerald Hippogryph Boost service an ideal solution for those looking to secure this elusive mount.

With Krakenboost, you can count on our professional teams and friendly support to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our advanced VPN protection safeguards your account, and our support staff is always on hand to provide the assistance you need. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your mount collection with the enchanting Emerald Hippogryph.

In summary, our Emerald Hippogryph Boost service offers:

  • A trustworthy and professional service
  • Friendly, fast, and honest support
  • Experienced WoW gamers ready to meet your expectations
  • Reasonable prices for top-quality assistance
  • Secure account protection with advanced VPN

Join the ranks of satisfied Krakenboost customers and elevate your World of Warcraft gaming experience today. Add the captivating Emerald Hippogryph to your collection and ride through Azeroth with pride!

Pros of Buying the Emerald Hippogryph Boost Service

Purchasing our Emerald Hippogryph Boost service offers a multitude of advantages compared to obtaining the mount manually. Since the original RAF program has been retired, acquiring this mount through regular gameplay is nearly impossible. Our service saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying the game’s content without the need to search for the mount in the Black Market Auction House. Additionally, with our professional and experienced team at your service, you can be assured of a smooth and efficient process.

Safety and Service Details for Self-play and Piloted Runs

At Krakenboost, we take the safety and security of your account very seriously. We offer two options for our services: self-play and piloted runs. In self-play, you will be playing alongside our team, maintaining control of your account and ensuring the safety of your character. For piloted runs, our experienced players will take control of your character to complete the objectives. We use advanced VPN protection to ensure the security of your account and avoid any potential issues.

Throughout the entire process, our friendly support team will keep you informed about the progress and details of your boost. Whether you choose self-play or a piloted run, we guarantee a safe, reliable, and enjoyable experience as we help you obtain the Emerald Hippogryph or any other RAF mounts and companion pets you desire.

Emerald Hippogryph Boost
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