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Darkmoon Dirigible Boost

In addition to a useful bonus to the experience and reputation gained, the Darkmoon Faire has been endowed with another useful thing – Darkmoon Dirigible.

Those players who have already faced the problem of farming Darkmoon Prize Tickets and get a mount for 180 tickets (Darkmoon Dancing Bear), understand that getting 1000 Darkmoon Prize Tickets is not so easy and very time consuming.

Kraken Boost team introduces new Darkmoon Dirigible Mount Boost service. This piloted service will help you add a unique Darkmoon Faire mount to your collection in the shortest possible time! Onward to adventure!

  • Requirements
  • Account Sharing
  • Active WoW subscription
  • Character level 60
  • ETA
  • 4-5 months
  • Options
  • Account Sharing only

How to get such many of Darkmoon Prize Tickets to get the Darkmoon Dirigible mount? Tickets are rewarded for various activities in the game: pet dailies, dungeon and PvP books, minigames on Darkmoon Faire, professional quests, and different quests and actions on Darkmoon Faire. In just a month, you can get 250-275 tickets.

Free yourself from the daily routine – buy Darkmoon Dirigible Carry from us. We have a very flexible schedule, and we will quickly select and agree with you a convenient time to play our booster. We are also happy to organize a live stream so that you can watch confident steps on the way to the coveted Darkmoon Dirigible mount over a cup of coffee or tea.

Darkmoon Dirigible Boost

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Jinny 24 hours ago
Safe, great communication from...

safe, great communication from start to finish.

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krakenboost delivers once again!...

krakenboost delivers once again! My go-to for getting things done.

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Easy, fast, and reliable as…

Easy, fast, and reliable as always!

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Lightning-fast service, done in...

Lightning-fast service, done in just 30 minutes, and top-notch quality!

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Krakenboost delivers as promised—reliable service every time!

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The best in the business…

The best in the business! They ensure fast, smooth runs every time.

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Professional team, efficient service.

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Super easy to work with…

Super easy to work with and fast results.

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Great company with excellent...

Great company with excellent customer service.

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Survived 7 bosses. ilvl...

survived 7 bosses. ilvl improved from 372 to 392, nice!

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