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Benthic Gear Farm Carry

Our boosting team can get Azerite armor for you and more stuff.

We can only promise general item level of your armor. Benthic items might be from 385 to 430 item level. It depends on armor item and how many manapearl currency units were charded to make item more powerful.

  • Requirements
  • Account sharing (we shall play your account)
  • Rewards
  • – 1 specific benthic item of 385, 400, 415, or 425 item level (adjust quantity if you need more)
  • – tons of Azerite
  • – useful stuff (gold, pets, and other items) that may drop while farming gear
  • ETA
  • up to 1 week (depends on required ilvl)

In the Battle of Azeroth, special Azerite armor was introduced — it is unique in that it can be improved with the help of the Heart of Azeroth.

There are Azerite armor for 3 slots:

  • Chest
  • helmet
  • Shoulders

All existing Azerite armor does not increase the additional characteristics of the item, but gives an increase in basic stats slightly more than on ordinary items of the same level. At the same time, Azerite armor cannot be improved in any other way (for example, in the Forge of the Titans) — only add new talents through pumping the Heart of Azeroth artifact.

Benthic Gear Farm Carry

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