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Ashenvale Chimaera Boost

In a new location from the World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth – Darkshore warfront, players will be able to get a beautiful mount Ashenvale Chimaera.

The difficulty of obtaining a mount is not only a low percentage of the possibility of obtaining (about 6%). Another difficulty is that the desired boss on the Darkshore warfront is not always alive.

Buy Ashenvale Chimaera Boost and get epic mount in the shortest possible time.

  • Requirements
  • Account sharing
  • Active WoW subscription
  • Character level 60
  • ETA
  • Around 30 days

Mount Ashenvale Chimaera is a low drop chance drop from the boss Alash’anir., which is located south of a place called Lor’Danel.

Ashenvale Chimaera is one of 5 rare mounts that can be obtained from various Darkshore warfront bosses:

Blackpaw – drop from Blackpaw;
Kaldorei Nightsaber drops from Shadowclaw;
Captured Umber Nightsaber drops from Athil Dewfire
Frightened Kodo drops from Frightened Kodo

Buy Ashenvale Chimaera mount carry from high experience Kraken Boost team. We will do everything to make you enjoy the gameplay, with minimal time spent on farming.

Ashenvale Chimaera Boost

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As always, reliable service!

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