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Heroic Aberrus Carry | Season 4 | Aberrus Heroic Boost

Are you tired of the endless challenges in the new Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid? Time-consuming boss fights, complex mechanics, and the difficulty of obtaining high-level gear and achievements are just some of the issues players face. The frustration of random group wipes and the struggle to learn tactics from numerous guides can make the raid seem nearly impossible to conquer.

Say goodbye to your raid woes with the Aberrus Heroic Boost service offered by Krakenboost! This perfect solution will help you overcome the challenges of the Shadowed Crucible raid with ease. By purchasing the boost, you’ll benefit from professional assistance, guaranteed rewards, and a hassle-free experience. Save time, effort, and in-game resources while enjoying the game with our expert help.

  • Requirements
  • Character of 70 level
  • Rewards
  • Full clear of chosen number of bosses in Heroic: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid
  • Get new raid tier gear at ilvl 509 (tier set pieces) and 515+ gear from bosses
  • Chance to get new tier set items
  • Progress in achievement Heroic: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
  • Feat of strength: Heroic: Awakened Shadows
  • ETA
  • 2-4 hours
  • Options
  • Amount of bosses
  • Loot trade options: group loot, item guarantee, armor priority, solo VIP
  • Boost method
  • "full unsaved raid" option if choosing group loot

Loot Distribution Options

When purchasing any type of Aberrus raid boost service, you’re free to roll on any item you need without restrictions.

Group Loot Option

Please note:

  • With this option, we can’t guarantee a specific number of unsaved players in the raid. If you have a preference for a certain number of unsaved players, please discuss this with our Live Chat team and we’ll do our best to accommodate you without any extra charge.
  • In this mode, everyone (including our boosters) can roll on any item they need, even if their gear is superior. The game system won’t allow players to roll on items they already have, but transmog items are an exception.
  • This loot option does not guarantee you’ll receive at least one item. If acquiring loot is your main goal, we suggest you check our other loot distribution options.

Full Unsaved Raid

Can be chosen when selecting “Group loot” in options. In this type of order all rules for Group Loot work but we guarantee that there will be at least 20 unsaved players in the raid so 4+ items for rolling from boss.

Run with Item Guarantees

In this service, our team will run Aberrus Heroic until you obtain the chosen number of items.

Please note:

  • In this service, we count both your items and items that were traded by boosters.
  • We count items, not slots. Meaning if you get two different shoulders (for example, one of them is a tier token but other one is not), they count as two separate items. If you want a slot guarantee service, please contact our Live Chat and we’ll find the most suitable group for you (note that the price may be higher).
  • We count random items, which means that you usually can’t choose which specific items you’ll receive. However, if you have a special request, we will do our best to meet your expectations. Please remember that the “run with item guarantees” service only guarantees random items, not specific ones.
  • There’s no fixed deadline for this service. Due to luck factors and the inability to always organize raids with 20 unsaved people, it may take a few weeks to complete the order.
  • There might not always be an opportunity to defeat the last boss multiple times. So, to get your items, you should be prepared to clear 8 out of 9 bosses in the following weeks.

Armor Priority Run

In this service, you will be the only customer of your armor type in the raid. Nobody else will roll on any items of your armor type, although this doesn’t include items like rings, necklaces, cloaks, trinkets that are shared between different classes. You can choose the number of unsaved traders, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. In this type of order everyone in raid can roll on any item they need, even if their gear is superior. The game system won’t allow players to roll on items they already have, but transmog items are an exception.

VIP Loot Run

In this service, you’re the only customer in the raid. Furthermore, you can bring up to 4 friends along (2 for free; for more friends, an additional charge may apply). Boosters won’t roll on any items, giving you full control over the loot distribution.

Please note that in both the Armor Priority and VIP Loot Runs, the number of unsaved people includes both boosters and other customers. This means there might be a raid with 10 boosters and 5 customers which equals 15 unsaved people.

Remember, the main goal of our Aberrus raid boost services, whether it’s a Shadowed Crucible Heroic carry or a Second Dragonflight raid, is to ensure you receive the best PvE gear and powerful items while experiencing challenging boss fights in various difficulty levels. Be it casual players or seasoned veterans, we strive to make these runs accessible for all. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via Live Chat or contact us 24/7. Happy raiding!

Loot and Rewards

Embark on an epic journey to Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Heroic raid, and reap the rewards of powerful item level 437 gear, prestigious achievements, and rare collectibles. The Aberrus Heroic boost experience offers you the chance to loot best in slot (BiS) items, including tier set pieces, trinkets with unique effects, and various armor types. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to conquer challenging content and acquire powerful items that will increase your character’s performance in open world content, dungeons, and other difficulties of the raid.

The group loot runs system ensures a fair distribution of loot among all participating players. During your heroic run, you can expect a wide range of rewards, including epic gear, tier tokens, and other powerful items that will enhance your character’s gear and capabilities.

Booking and Scheduling

Purchasing the Aberrus Heroic Raid boost is an easy and stress-free process. Once your order is placed, our dedicated customer support team manager will promptly assist you in scheduling a suitable time for your heroic ATSC boost. With our flexible and convenient booking system, you can choose from daily Aberrus Heroic runs, ensuring you don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade your character’s gear and abilities.

Joining a scheduled run is hassle-free and straightforward. Simply follow the instructions provided by our customer support team, and you’ll be on your way to a relaxed atmosphere and high-quality raiding experience with our pro players.

Professional Raid Team

Our professional raid team consists of experienced players with a deep understanding of the various aspects of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Heroic raid. They are well-versed in boss mechanics, strategies, and efficient clearing techniques, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable raiding experience for you.

During your Aberrus Heroic boost, our expert raiders will guide you through each encounter, sharing their knowledge and providing you with the support you need to conquer the forces of the Shadowed Crucible. You can trust our dedicated raiders to deliver the highest quality service and help you achieve your in-game goals.

Customer Support and Guidance

At the core of our Aberrus Raid boost service is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our experienced raiders will provide personalized guidance throughout your heroic run, ensuring you understand the mechanics and strategies required to successfully complete the raid.

Our customer support team manager is always available to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have during your raiding experience. With their assistance, you can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable Aberrus Heroic boost, confident in the knowledge that our professional raid team and dedicated customer support are there to help you every step of the way.

Additional Aberrus Services

Not only do we offer the Aberrus Heroic boost service, but we also provide a wide range of additional services to suit the varying needs and preferences of our customers. Whether you’re interested in completing the raid on Normal or Mythic difficulty, or aiming for the prestigious Glory of the Shadowed Crucible Raider achievement, we’ve got you covered.

For those who have their eyes on specific items or boss kills, our expert team can help you secure the loot you desire, such as class tier set pieces or powerful weapons. With our custom order option, we can tailor our services to meet your unique requirements, ensuring a personalised experience that caters to your needs.

Adding Extra Safety: increase your chance to avoid Blizzard tracking of boost! Actually the tracking activity is very low and is kind of random and unpredictable (depending on players’ reports) but your safety is our top priority so we are happy to offer the cheapest service for increasing your Safety if buying Aberrus run in heroic difficulty!

Testimonials and Success Stories

Our customers have consistently praised our Aberrus Heroic boost service for the outstanding results they have achieved. Many players have managed to acquire best-in-slot gear, rare collectibles, and high item-level upgrades, making their characters more powerful than ever. They have also enjoyed a fun and relaxed atmosphere during the raid, thanks to our professional team’s friendly and supportive approach.

One happy customer shared: “I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for years and struggled to find a reliable and trustworthy boosting service. Since I discovered this company, I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences. My character is now fully geared, and I’ve made some new friends in the process!”

Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of our Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Heroic boost service. With our experienced team of professionals by your side, you’ll be able to tackle the challenges of this exciting new raid and secure the powerful loot and achievements you deserve.

Seize the opportunity and invest in your character’s progression today. To get started, simply click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and follow the checkout process. Our dedicated customer support team will guide you through the booking and scheduling process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Don’t hesitate – your destiny awaits!

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How do I buy an Aberrus raid boost?

To purchase an Aberrus raid boost, simply navigate to our website, select the desired service, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order. Our customer support team will then guide you through the booking and scheduling process.

How does the run work?

After you've completed your purchase, our team will contact you to schedule a convenient time for the run. On the scheduled day, you will either share your account details with our team (account sharing mode) or join the raid group yourself (self-play mode). Our professional team will guide you through the raid, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. You'll participate in boss fights, collect your share of loot, and receive any additional rewards specified in your order.

Can I choose specific boss kills or get certain loot pieces?

Yes, we offer custom order options that allow you to select specific boss kills or target particular gear pieces. Our team will focus on your chosen objectives, ensuring you get the desired loot and achievements.

Is your service officially involved with or endorsed by Activision Blizzard or any other company?

While we are not officially involved with or endorsed by Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Amazon Games, Valve, Bungie, or any other company, our professional boosting services are designed to provide a high-quality experience for World of Warcraft players. We operate independently, offering our services at competitive prices.

Can I participate in the run if I play on US servers?

Yes, our services cater to players on both EU and US servers. During the order process, please provide your region and server information, and we'll ensure a seamless experience.

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