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WoW Classic Gear Farm

Under the thunder of the drums of the horde and the furious cries of the alliance, World of Warcraft Classic once again refreshed the memory of itself in the hearts of the players. A new realm appeared in the game, which was called WoW Classic Season of Mastery. Players will be able to immerse themselves in adventures again with their favorite characters, wearing the best equipment and armed with axes and staves.

But wait.. Where can I get the best equipment (like Skyshroud Leggings) and weapons (like Witchblade)? How to start your journey to reach the maximum level 60?

WoW Classic Gear Carry – it is a specific carry service that will help you get full gear or pre raid bis gear quickly, efficiently, and without using a group finder.

The WoW Classic Leveling service applies to both Classic WoW and Classic WoW Season of Mastery realms.

  • Requirements
  • WoW Classic Active subscription
  • Account Sharing (ready to give login and password to our manager)
  • Rewards
  • Random dungeon items to each slot with 56-63 item level
  • Gold, and various items (common, uncommon, rare, and epic quality)
  • Different amount of reputation points
  • ETA
  • 5-14 days
  • Options
  • Full BIS pre-raid gear from the dungeon runs to each slot with 56-63 item level

About WoW Classic Gear Farm Carry

The natural desire of each player is to get better gear than he has now, and of course, better than other players. The desire to quickly go to Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia’s Lair and Zul’Gurub Raids makes players forget about real life and farm WoW Classic Dungeons day and night because this is the best way to gear your character. The following World of Warcraft Classic Dungeons will be available for passing at the maximum level:

To complete all the dungeons, you will need not only a huge gaming experience but also a reliable group of players who will be in the game for several days. Buy WoW Classic Gear Boost from us and you are guaranteed to get full gear for each slot.

As an additional option, you can choose BiS Pre-Raid Gear (Best in Slot Gear). Our players and managers will select items with the best stats based on what class and specialization you play. In every WoW expansion, there are usually one or two items that give the most benefit to your class. With these things, it will be much easier for you to both travel in the open world and give out maximum DPS or HPS in dungeons and raids.

I want to buy Season of Mastery Full Gear Boost, is it possible?

Yes, sure. When placing an order, specify the realm, and our managers will understand everything. If suddenly your character has not yet been leveled up, we recommend using our WoW Classic Powerleveling Carry service.

How does Account Sharing mode work?

Everything is quite simple. After placing an order, the manager will contact you, and you will need to transfer information about your account (login and password) to our manager. You will also need to provide the code that will come to your mobile or email. Next, our booster will use the VPN to imitate your location and proceed to complete the order. Do not forget to wait for a message from our manager about the successful completion of the order before entering the game.

Is it possible to buy WoW Classic Full Gear Boost for 2 characters on different realms and how long will it take?

Of course available. You will need to place 2 orders and specify all the data about your characters: region (eu or us), realm, faction (alliance or horde), class, spec, and character name.

As a rule, the whole process for our professional players will not take much time. For full gear boost – 5-7 days, and for full BiS pre-raid gear – 7-14 days.

Buy WoW Classic Gear Farm
What to farm:
What to farm:

Latest Reviews

Customer Avatar
Mia S 11 hours ago
Another great carry—fast and...

another great carry—fast and efficient as always!

Customer Avatar
John Silver 22 hours ago
Gold received with gratitude,...

Gold received with gratitude, thank you!

Customer Avatar
Jesseius 1 day ago
Played my character, though...

played my character, though not perfect, they guided me well.

Customer Avatar
Phalcore42 2 days ago
Fun and educational raids...

Fun and educational raids with a great team!

Customer Avatar
Grahan Harlem 2 days ago
Everything went smooth and...

everything went smooth and quite fast. my gratitude to the team.

Customer Avatar
Franklin 3 days ago
They’ve done a thing...

They've done a thing in a few hours, that i couldn't done myselft for a year.

Customer Avatar
Brent 4 days ago
No armor obtained in the…

No armor obtained in the run, but that's luck. Vault might bring something later.

Customer Avatar
NihiLord 6 days ago
Flawless completion in just...

Flawless completion in just a few hours, fast and efficient!

Customer Avatar
Siragosa 1 week ago
I took a break from…

i took a break from wow for some time. missed a whole raid. this group was professional, quick, and communicated clearly and quickly. i have used their service several times since i have returned and plan to continue in the future.

Customer Avatar
Michael Johnson 1 week ago
Well-organized and professional...

Well-organized and professional experience from start to finish. User-friendly website, clear instructions, and detailed guides. Highly recommend.

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