WoW Classic Custom Powerleveling Carry

The era of WoW Classic captured the hearts of millions of people, allowing you to once again plunge into the quality content that all MMO fans loved so much.

As you know, Classic WoW was not fast, so players have to spend a decent amount of time pumping their character to the maximum level. After all, here, unlike the retail version of the game, there is no possibility of self-healing for all classes, and mobs are not killed with a few hits. You have to work hard and maybe in a few weeks, you will reach level 60. Sounds boring, right?

We suggest you make the most of your time and save it for friends, family, and loved ones. WoW Classic Power Leveling Boost service from Kraken Boost Team is what you need! Trust the professionals, because this is the fastest way to start playing the current content of the World of Warcraft Classic game.

The WoW Classic Leveling service applies to both Classic WoW and Classic WoW Season of Mastery realms.

  • Requirements
  • WoW Classic Active subscription
  • Account Sharing (ready to give login and password to our manager)
  • Choosing target 60 level for ordering Additional options
  • Rewards
  • You will hit the desired level of your character
  • Gold, and various items (common, uncommon, rare, and epic quality)
  • Different amount of reputation points
  • Small chance to get pets and mounts during the leveling process
  • ETA
  • 1-17 days (depends on level range)
  • Options
  • Normal speed, Express Speed, and Super Express Speed for characters leveling (contact us via Live Chat to get information)
  • Crafting + Corresponding Gathering Profession
  • Pre Raid Gear (after reacing level 60)
  • Open all flightpaths

About WoW Classic Leveling Process

What is the WoW Classic Power Leveling Boost service? First of all, this is a quick pumping of your character to the selected level. This means that you don’t have to pay the full amount to level up from level 1 to level 60. We are happy to upgrade your character from 45 to 60 or from 50 to 55. The duration of the upgrade, of course, depends on the levels you choose, and you will save time for other things.

In addition, you will get all rewards for completing quests, loot, consumables, reputation, and gold received during the leveling process.

The WoW Classic power leveling service is provided only using piloted mode. This means that immediately after you place a custom order, you will need to transfer your account data (login and password, as well as confirm the request on your phone if you have an Authenticator) to our professional players.

WoW Classic Power Leveling price and Season of Mastery Powerleveling same?

Some people don’t know about WoW Season of Mastery. Some time ago, Blizzard added a new realm to the game and a new direction of play with the same maximum level cap – WoW Classic Season of Mastery. It brings tons of updates: summoning stones, faster leveling experience, hardcore mechanics on raid bosses, and much more.

Certainly, same price. The only difference is a realm. Just select the required level and tell our manager the realm and the name of your character.

WoW Classic Season of Mastery Power Leveling Account Sharing is still safe?

Unlike other sellers, we use licensed VPN services that guarantee quality when changing locations and allow you to completely imitate your location. We also guarantee the safety of all things on your account. If you have any doubts, request an online stream on Twitch to watch your character get experience points live. We provide a 100% guarantee on order completion.

How long will WoW Classic Power Leveling last?

On average, with Normal Speed, leveling from 1 to max level takes from 19 to 22 days. Use our additional options to get a boost to leveling: Express Speed (+15% speed), and Super Express Speed (+30% speed).

What additional options do you recommend using when purchasing World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery Power Leveling?

You can choose any of the proposed ones, but the most popular is the leveling of gathering professions. If you want to immediately fully plunge into high-level content, then we recommend paying attention to the option with dungeon gear (pre-raid gear).

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