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Dragonflight Gear Boost | WoW PvE Gear Boost

Spending more time farming for gear than actually playing the game?

We know how time-consuming it can be to get geared up in World of Warcraft. That’s why we offer fast, smooth, and professional gear boosts to help you progress through the game without all the hassle.

Get the gear upgrade for your character with our Gear Boost service. You’ll be able to upgrade your equipment and progress through the game much more quickly – and without all the hassle. Plus, our team is here to help you every step of the way, so you can focus on what’s important – playing the game!

Don’t miss our limited offer! Purchase a Dragonflight Gear Boost now and start progressing through WoW Dragonflight like never before! Contact us on the website if got any questions.

  • Requirements
  • 70th level character
  • Rewards
  • All the loot and items dropped to you during dungeons or raid runs
  • Tons of Valor points in case of dungeon runs
  • Desired item level
  • ETA
  • 1-4 weeks
  • Options
  • Boost method: Account Sharing of Self-play
  • Desired item level

Why WoW Gear Service is so popular?

Every MMORPG sets goals for the player, which mostly are upgrading their gear, gaining more fun, experience and becoming a successful player. Average Item level of your gear is an important aspect of World of Warcraft gameplay. Upgrading your gear is one of the most important things that grants you access to more difficult and interesting activities (for example, mythic raids), and, as a result, you will be welcome to a party with more experienced players. In other words, you’ll be growing as a WoW player.

The main thing why it’s popular is simple. You don’t need to think about when or where you are going to upgrade your item level. Our team will do it for you!

Ordering WoW Carries on Krakenboost, you will receive a high-quality service at affordable prices. This service has options of being provided through account sharing or self-played. In the first case, you must provide access to your account, and whole job will be completed by our professional team of boosters. In the second case, you should play the game by yourself in a party with our boosters, also, you will get dungeon experienced if you choose this option. Buy WoW Gear Boost and become a sought-after team player with high-level gear. The security of your account and the quality of the boost service are guaranteed.

Ways for gearing in WoW Dragonflight Expansion for PvE players

  • Normal, Heroic and Mythic Vault of the Incarnates Raid (or killing specific bosses)
  • Grinding
  • Spending gold to buy world drop items on Auction (BoE)
  • World quests
  • In-game Trade chat services from other WoW players
  • Mythic plus dungeons
  • Getting reward from Great vault

As you see there are many ways get more item levels for your character. But in case you don’t have much experience, it might take a long time to achieve the desired results. Our team consists of professional boosters who developed an optimized way to upgrade your gear. No matter what class or armor type you have our team knows how to reach the best result for reasonable price 🙂

BiS gear — best stats

We also provide BiS gear service option so you can choose any specific items you want to be equipped on your character. Other words in this service you have opportunity to make special requests on items to get best result. If you can’t decide what gear is best for you our boosters will help you with the list.

Account sharing or self play?

For all customers we recommend to choose self play but if you are busy we will do our best with your account to finish our service with no problems! Just skip a routine — we will do everything instead of you!

Your safety is our priority!

We never use third party programs for making our services easier. Everything is made by our professional boosters manually. We use VPN software to mask activity on your account to be sure that on Blizzard side it’s you are playing on your account. We also use secure SSL protocols on the website so any transmitted information is encrypted.

Account sharing: how?

After placing WoW Gear Upgrade Service order simply give our support team your account details using Live chat or contacting us via Discord. We provide best service so we never share your credentials with someone else. We will contact our team asap and after sharing your account (by authentificator or e-mail code) they will start our Carry Service. All the loot that will be obtained by your hero will remain in your bags.

Dragonflight Gear Boost | WoW PvE Gear Boost
Current and target gear
Boost method
Current and target gear
Boost method

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