WoW Classic Reputation Boost

The number of factions in World of Warcraft Classic is simply amazing. And many reputations provide tangible rewards for players, ranging from simple recipes and formulas (Formula Enchant 2h Weapon – Agility, Pattern: Glacial Wrists), epic weapons (Fist of Cenarius), to a recipe for making epic Sulfuron Hammer, which will later turn into a legendary hammer!

Why is everyone so reluctant to upgrade their reputation? It takes too long. Each faction has its different ways of boosting reputation: for one it’s completing quests, for the second it’s farming certain items, and for the third, it’s just an endless grind of mobs.

We know all the secrets and can quickly level up your reputation with any of the factions available in World of Warcraft Classic (and World of Warcraft Season of Mastery). Trust the Kraken Boost team and take advantage of the WoW Classic Reputation Level Boost service!

  • Requirements
  • WoW Classic Active subscription
  • Account Sharing (ready to give login and password to our manager)
  • Level 60 character
  • Rewards
  • Exalted WoW Classic or WoW Classic Season of Mastery reputation status with selected faction
  • Access to purchase recipes, formulas, equipment items, and other useful items (depending on the chosen faction)
  • Gold and items obtained in the process of pumping reputation
  • ETA
  • 3-4 weeks for each faction
  • Options
  • Amount of factions for service

About WoW Classic Reputations Boost

In total, there are 8 different levels of reputation in the game. To achieve each of them, the player needs to get a certain amount of reputation points:

  • hostile – 36,000 points
  • hostile to unfriendly – 3000 points
  • unfriendly to neutral – 3000 points
  • neutral to friendly – 3000 points
  • friendly to honored – 6000 points
  • honored to revered – 12,000 points
  • revered to exalted – 21,000 points

It was in World of Warcraft Classic that a huge number of different factions were born. Some factions are only available to the Alliance, and some are only available to the Horde. There are also neutral factions, with which all players can get a reputation. Here is the full list of available factions:

Each faction boasts its bonuses, which are unique in the game. Don’t waste time, use our WoW Classic Reputation Boost Carry and we’ll help you quickly gain reputation with your desired faction, be it Frostwolf clan, Argent dawn, Thorium brotherhood, Timbermaw hold, or Zandalar tribe.

How long will you be leveling a reputation in the Classic WoW Season of Mastery?

It all depends on the faction, but on average it’s no more than 4 weeks. Everything will depend on the amount of time you give us the account, and some things will depend on luck.

Account share is safe?

Now, this is the best option, available when purchasing a reputation boost. The main plus is that you can mind your own business or just sleep while our professional boosters do their job.

Do you use a VPN?

Of course, we provide a subscription to all our players. Don’t worry, the VPN completely imitates your location.

I want to make myself Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, with whom do I need to upgrade my reputation?

Good question. One of the key actions to get the legendary hammer is to have a recipe for crafting Sulfuron Hammer. To get the recipe, you need to get an Exalted reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood faction, and then complete the A Binding Contract quest, which rewards you with the desired recipe – Plans: Sulfuron Hammer.

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